MODEL Group Member Engagements

Below are our recent lab engagement, where we've showcased our research to academia, industry, government, and media.

Research Featured on FOX Atlanta News

Our Georgia Artificial Intelligence in Manufacturing project, in collaboration with the Russell Innovation Center for Entrepreneurs (RICE), was featured on FOX Atlanta. Always great to see your projects on the news! Click the picture for the video.


Great work by Logan, Matt, Aiyana, Mozhdeh, Runu, and Cody (not pictured) on winning the ASME/NSF Design Essay Competition. 

Hannah Presents at 2023 ASME IDETC Conference

Hannah presented her research during a a conference workshop on Human-AI teaming.

Aiyana Presents at 2023 ASME IDETC Conference

Aiyana was quite busy at ASME IDETC as she had two poster presentation and a paper presentation.

Matt Presents at 2023 ASME IDETC Conference

Matt presented our paper on Industry 4.0 in the Agricultural Processing Industry.

Logan Presents at Agricultural Manufacturing Workshop

Logan played a pivotal role in both organizing and leading a discussion on pecan shelling during the manufacturing workshop. During this event, we delved into the progress of our USDA project and highlighted the advancements we've made in AI-driven manufacturing.

Aiyana Presents at 2023 ASEE Conference

Aiyana had her first conference presentation at 2023 ASEE Conference in Baltimore, MD.  She presented a study that explored student gains when using active learning in manufacturing courses. 

Hannah Presents at 2023 ASEE Conference

Hannah presented the educational elements of her research at 2023 ASEE Conference in Baltimore, MD. She presented students' perception of confidence with hands-on manufacturing activities

Devanshi invited to Capitol Hill

Devanshi Shah represented University of Georgia and Model Group at Capitol Hill. She engaged in discussions with legislators around policy impacting science and engineering research funding.

Matthew Presents at 2023 GPGC

Matthew presented the progress of our USDA funded project on smart manufacturing.

Cody and Beshoy Visit NASA JPL

Cody and Beshoy visited NASA JPL to discuss projects

MODEL visits BMW Manufacturing

The MODEL group visited BMW to tour the manufacturing processing.

Some of our Funders